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I snapped up a low mileage Adventure R from the east coast and had it shipped west to Utah. I'm very happy with the deal, the bike and how the transaction proceeded. I got invaluable help and assistance at reasonable prices from both B&E Motorsports in Maryland and Hanover Powersports in New Jersey. The bike has many added accessories and one that's required, it got an early Unifilter to replace the stock filter. I've searched hi and lo to find this issue in earlier RC8's without success. So, I'm hoping to hear from this forum if that has been a known issue. In the '13 and '14 1190 Adventure line, "dusted motors" is the term that scares us. The early reports showed dirt getting past the filter and into the intakes, the '14s had a redesign but still seem to be developing the problem. One local 1190R got dusted just a couple weeks ago with 7-8k miles and stock air filter. It lost compression and would not start while out on tour. Have there been previous airbox issues with this engine line? Have there been engine failures requiring top end rebuilds due to loss of compression?

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